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Luxury Gemstone Rings



Based in Manila, Philippines, we are a team of passionate vintage collectors who embark on adventures across the globe in pursuit of the most exquisite and unique vintage jewelry pieces!

We are like you're modern-day treasure hunters, scouring the world for these gems that hold stories from the past. The authenticity guarantee backed by years of collecting, handling, and jewelry expertise is a testament to your commitment to preserving the integrity and heritage of these pieces. With your every purchase, we will be able to do what we love to do, and you'll be able to help us keep up with the treasure-hunting journeys and continue to bring unique vintage pieces to light! 🌍💎


Since these vintage and unique pieces are true to its rarity for having distinctive sophistication and intricate craftsmanship, most of them were not produced in large quantities unlike today's modern and mass-produced jewelries.


We, at Redux Jewelry PH, aim to find and share the uniqueness of designs and historical significance of these fine and designer vintage jewelries with co-collectors, gemstone enthusiasts and fashion runway lovers. Our vision is to help people find jewelry that resonates with their individual style and story. It's about more than just selling; it's about connecting people with a tangible piece of history and helping them create their own stories with these vintage gems. So, if you ever purchase from our store, expect to receive not just jewelry but also a piece of the past and a smile on your face. 😄


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We commit our efforts in taking the hassle out of buying from your hands. We pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service by ensuring that all our pieces undergone a thorough inspection and any may have necessary repairs if needed before being sold. We guarantee that our team will accommodate our clients with professionalism, honesty and fairness to both new and returning clients. 

More than your typical vintage store, each piece is carefully sourced and handpicked by our entire team, with patience and extensive research to share with you our love for the art of vintage jewelry. It's not just about offering items; it's about offering stories, history, and a connection to the past. We  collaborate with local jewelry artisans and restorers to ensure that every piece not only maintains its authenticity but also gets the care and attention it deserves. This way, you, our customers, can enjoy these vintage treasures in their full glory.

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Here in Redux Jewelry PH, our pieces are meticulously sanitized, cleaned, restored or repaired if needed, and are packed securely before sending it off to our clients. It's clear that we want to provide our clients with not only stunning vintage jewelry pieces but also a seamless and secure shopping experience.


Shipping options and payment methods are flexible. It's all about making the process as convenient as possible for our clients so we offer electronic funding methods like credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal which are perfect for that. 

Experience a connection to the past with these beautiful old little pieces of artwork. The old may have come and gone but you can still get the chance to relive the old fashion eras the authentic and purest way through our curated vintage jewelries while adding glam to your wardrobe!


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