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Based in Manila, Philippines, our team of avid vintage collectors travel throughout the world in search of the finest and unique vintage pieces. Our main goal is to handpick pieces of high quality and we guarantee the authenticity of all of our designer pieces through multiple years of collecting, handling, experience and jewelry expertise.


Since these vintage and unique pieces are true to its rarity for having distinctive sophistication and intricate craftsmanship, most of them were not produced in large quantities unlike today's modern and mass-produced jewelries.

We, at Redux Jewelry PH, aim to share these highly-desirable curated pieces to today's generation, co-collectors and connoisseurs of jewelry from gemstone enthusiasts to runway avid lovers. Stand out from the crowd by wearing these timeless pieces while reducing our environmental carbon footprint.

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We commit our efforts in taking the hassle out of buying from your hands. We pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service and have already established professionalism, honesty and fairness to our previous and returning clients.

More than your typical vintage store, all pieces are sourced and handpicked by the entire team with extreme patience, long hours of research and photography sessions, plus a little help from our jewelry artisans/restorers, all these efforts in hunting, just to provide the perfect vintage piece for you.

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Here in Redux Jewelry PH, our pieces are carefully selected. Shipping options and payment methods are flexible. We offer electronic funding methods such as credit cards, debit cards, and Paypal payments that require less work than in-person payments.

Experience a connection to the past with these beautiful old little pieces of artwork. The old may have come and gone but you can still get the chance to relive the old fashion eras the authentic and purest way through our curated vintage jewelries while adding glam to your wardrobe!